The History of Irrigation
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Site Credits & References

Murray Irrigation thanks all those who have been involved with this project to record the development and impact of irrigation the region, preserving an important part of our history. Many people have given generously of their time to take part in interviews, contribute photos, film footage and other documents, and to organise events which formed part of the anniversary celebrations. In particular we thank:


Sylvia Baker, John Boyce, Norman, Danckert, Ian Dawe, Adrian Douglas, Joyclyn Douglas, Rod Druitt, Shirley Durrant, Wynne Hawkins, Neil Hollins, Chris Horne, Kevin Huntington, Tibby Kelly, Hunter Landale, Pat Murphy, Shirley Powell, George Rathbone, John Rourke, Kath Sheldrick, Jim Todd, Bill van Niel, Tony Vidal, Theo Walle


Alexandra Anthony, Shirley Durrant, Val Hardman, Liz McLaurin, Catherine Norwood, Roslyn Rowe

Supporting organisations:

Deniliquin Council, Berrigan Shire Council, Murray Shire Council, Conargo Shire Council, Wakool Shire Council, State Water, Department of Infrastructure Planning and Natural Resources, Deniliquin Historical Society, Deniliquin Family History Group, Berrigan Heritage Museum, Murray Darling Basin Commission

Other contributors:

Adrian Celli, Close family, Pearn family, Pasquetti family, Don Thomas, Matthew Watts, Glen Hayes, Peter O’Toole, Janet Mathewson, Susan Appleyard, Larsen family, Bill Johnson, NSW Agriculture, Bill Mulham, Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Website development


Many sources were used in compiling the history presented here. These include:

Ball G, They called it Mayrung
Martin W (2005) Water policy history on the Murray River, SRI, Deniliquin

Local history contacts

More information about the development of the Southern Riverina is available from local history organisations in our region.

Berriquin Heritage Museum

Central Murray Regional Public Library, Deniliquin and Mathoura
(03) 5898 3100, email:

Deniliquin Historical Society
Deniliquin Genealogy Society Inc, (formerly Deniliquin Family History Group)
PO Box 144, Deniliquin, 2710,
(03) 5881 5762, email:

Finley & District Historical Museum
Murray Street Finley NSW 2713
(03) 5883 2195

Peppin Heritage Centre and Visitor Information Centre, Deniliquin
George St, Deniliquin
1800 650 712,, Deniliquin

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