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The Murray Region

This project refers to the region developed as the Murray Irrigation Area and Districts in the Southern Riverina. Today the irrigation area and districts are operated by the privatised company Murray Irrigation Ltd, and the combined area and districts are referred to as the company’s area of operations. This incorporates 748,000ha stretching along the NSW side of the Murray River from Yarrawonga/Mulwala in the east, almost as far as Swan Hill in the west. It is part of the Riverina floodplain, lying between the Billabong Creek in the north and the Murray River in the south.

Irrigated agriculture is the foundation of the social and economic wellbeing of towns, business and rural communities in our region. Regional production includes wheat and other cereals, legumes, rice, pasture and hay, maize, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, fruit, milk, beef cattle, prime lambs and wool.

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