The History of Irrigation
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 The Murray Region
 History  Overview
 Settling a dryland
 Disputed waters
 Work begins
 Putting the "River" into Riverina
 Crossing the Edward River
 A changing Workforce
 Lawson Syphons Construction details
 Irrigation expands
 Growing Rice
 Too much water
 Continuing growth
 Rising Watertables
 Self determination
 Environmental Stewardship
 Personal Memories
(Oral History Project)
 Introduction to Interviewees
 Sylvia Baker
 Ian Dawe
 Adrian Douglas
 Rod Druitt
 Shirley Durrant
 Wynne Hawkins
 Neil Hollins
 Kevin Huntington
 Tibby Kelly
 Pat Murphy
 Shirley Powell
 George Rathbone
 John Rourke
 Kath Sheldrick
 Jim Todd
 Bill van Niel
 Tony Vidal
 Theo Walle
 Maps & Articles  
 Photo & Film Gallery

 Building the Irrigation System
 Lawsons Syphon
 Official Events
 Rice Growing
 Stevens Weir

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