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Lawson Syphons

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Construction Details

Work commenced: August 1939
Officially commissioned: April 27, 1955

Lawson Syphons: 2,300 feet long under
Edward River and adjacent billabongs
Aljoes Creek Syphons: 450 feet long under Aljoes Creek
Total length of syphons: 5,500 feet (barrels and transitions)
Internal diameter of syphons: 12 feet
Thickness of syphon barrel: 15 inches
Length of clay lined channel: 3,611 feet (between syphons)
Maximum head on syphons: 60 feet
Flow capacity: 1000 cusecs or 540 million gallons a day
Quantity in syphons: 22,000 cubic yards
Quantity in structures: 9,000 cubic yards
Weight in syphons: 39,000 tons
Weight in structures: 17,000 tons
Reinforcement of syphons & structures: 1,000 tons
Excavation for syphon trenches: 140,000 cubic yards
Steel sheet piling driven trenches: 130,000 feet
Steel sheet piling driven coffer dam: 74,000 feet
Timber piling, driven: 12,000 feet.
Timbering, total: 33,000 cubic feet


Historic Irrigation Launch

Hand Made: The section of syphon barrel in the foreground has been finished and formwork is being prepared for the next section. All concrete was mixed and poured on site. Photo: Deniliquin Historical Society.

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